Thursday, July 22, 2010

Smart Water

My mother feels she has to pray for her children. The three of us are all adults and we're still not quite the responsible adults she wants us to be so she hopes God can lend her a helping hand. Apparently God isn't enough because my Catholic mother has asked Buddha for help as well.

mom: here's some water from the temple. it's blessed so you drink it for good luck.
me: thanks, i've got this crazy exam coming up so i'll drink it soon.
mom: no no no, don't drink it. i left in car for too long so the heat makes plastic get in water and you'll die.
me: um great. what am i suppose to do with it?
mom: use it for decoration. you'll still get some luck but not as much as if you drank it.


I quit my job to study for the CPA exam. I'm a few weeks away from taking my first section and I'm a nervous wreck. I've asked all friends to not call me or ask me to go out. I've talked to some people who have passed the first time they've taken it. I've also talked to people that have failed numerous times. I'm most likely the latter. I've been studying like a madwoman but still don't feel confident. If only there was like a smart pill or something I could take.

That bottle of water is looking quite refreshing right now... so does my sister's.

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